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ASHSR Frequently Asked Questions


What Are the Details of ASHSR Membership?

How much is the membership?  Membership to ASHSR is now through the Home Staging Resource, so please refer to for details.


How long is my membership?  Yearly and will renew when your HSR membership is renewed.


What do I get out of my  membership to ASHSR?  Further avenues to network with stagers and to be a part of something bigger.


What Are the "Rules"of ASHSR Membership?

Respect -  Respect each others different opinions, backgrounds and philosophies by serving one another.  Respect your training providers by not sharing the material learned or discussing your training in a public atmosphere.  Do not sell or solicit your peers for financial gain.


Participate - Because ASHSR is built from within by it's members, we need your help!  Now is the time to educate and convince the public on the value and benefits of home staging.  You cannot do this alone.  Join your local chapter, start a new chapter and make a difference in the industry by pioneering your area!  Share of your wisdom, give of your time and experience.  What you put in to ASHSR, you will get out from others doing the same.


Have Fun - ASHSR wants to keep things fun, loose, relaxed and encouraging!  As an entrepreneur you need a safe place to brainstorm, commiserate or just plain "be".  You will not find a more quality group of people than this!